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Free! Legendary Swim Club: Prologue

Is this it?

Will the tears and the strain be for nothing in the end?

Will I survive only by default?

All is lost, even though I won.





Will you be there to save me, when I stop being Free?


Flying away. Away from all he had never known, everything he had grown to be happy for. Haruka Nanase had never felt so helpless. He was leaving everything he had created together with his friends. He was leaving Iwatobi, leaving his apartment, leaving the little cats he petted.

But worst of all, he was leaving Rin. Rin, who he had finally got back. And Nagisa, who could always cheer him up, though he would never show it. And Makato, with his soft smiles. And Rei, who he had grown to like over time.

All of them.


Flying away. Flying on an airplane was always counted as being Free to so many people. But to Haruka Nanase, flying away on the plane was like being trapped.

Trapped from all he loved.