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A/N Battlers thoughts are still in italics :) The bit with Shannon coming into the room turned out well until wattpad deleted it so I had to stick with a small summary of what happened. so sorry.

The Elegant Boat Trip is over! 

OCTOBER 4 1986 (1O:30 AM)

Battler Ushiromiya, and his relatives, stepped off the boat. Battler stretched happily, his body filling with relief as he touched the hard and firm land. His face made its way into a large grin.

"Nnaah-!!!" He yawned loudly, "We've finally arrived-!" 

Maria laughed, her small frame excited. "uu-!!"

Battler looked towards her in surprise, still grinning. "Oh! It seems you're in a better mood now!" Battler announced happily. Maria punched the air. "uu-!!" Her face was smiling, sweet and innocent. Nothing ike earlier, when she had acted like some sort of possessed weirdo.

Gently, Battler winked and patted her head. "Girls really are cuter when they smile." 


Rudolf and Kyrie Ushiromiya, Battlers father and step-mother, smiled. They began to walk, but Rudolf looked back. "If you dilly-dally, we'll leave you brats behind." He shouted, and Battler ran to catch up with them, glancing at the nature as he did so.

"What the... I have a feeling I'm missing something." Battler peered behind him. George smiled.

"Did you leave something on the boat, Battler-kun?" George asked, his usual gentle and intellectual self. Battler put a hand behind his head, narrowing his eyebrows.

"That's not it, something's... different about the island ..." Battler shrugged, and Jessica peered forward to mock him as they walked.

""uu-!! Not there! NOt there!" Like that? Are you trying to copy Maria now?" Jessica taunted, more amused then exsparated. The silence seemed unnatural, almost as if there was something missing. Like a sound, or a noise, or a-

"uu-! Copycat Batler copycat!" Maria jeered.

Battler looked up to the sky, his eyes wide. The silence was still there. There was not a flutter of white wings, nor a sound of a cry. "Ah!" He announced. "It's the seagulls..." That was it! There was not a sound of a seagull cry anywhere. "I can't hear the calls of the seagulls...!!"

"Seagulls? You mean the bird?" Jessica was confused. She tilted her head to one side as they walked on. 


Rokkenjima's enviroment is usually left untouched. The island was always full of seagulls. I was always greeted by their energetic calls. But today... their absence is obvious.

Again Maria's eyes widened, growing dark and possessed like the times before. "Bad Luck."

Battler peered out, fascinated at the birds sudden dissapearance. 

"Hm, it's just like you said." Jessica spoke, peering out at the sky with a hand under her chin. "They're usually so energetic, but there aren't any seagulls at all today."

Maria put a hand to her mouth, normal once again, and pouted. "uu-? Why are there no seagulls...?" Jessica put a hand to her hip, leaning back and smiling. "Maybe the seagulls also had plans to meet somewhere today to?" Jessica spoke, in an attempt to reassure Maria.

Battler put his arms behind his head and grinned. "Maybe Jessica roasted and ate them all!" Maria went white, her face shocked. "uu-!?" Jessica was furious. "DON'T SAY SUCH THINGS-! MARIA'S GOING TO GET THE WRONG IDEA!" 

"Big cousin Jessica turned them into food-!! uu-!!"

"Thats wrong, Maria-chan." George was amused, but he felt it was in his nature to be able to calm down Maria. "Wild birds are sensitive to the weather and air-pressure. It seems the weather will be bad tonight, so they might of hurried back to their nests."

Baffled, Maria widened her eyes. "uu-? It's not food? Battler lied?" 

"Guh...!!" Battler, exsperated, exclaimed. "AAH! What George said is true!! They're not around because the weather will turn bad! That's right. When the weather clears up again, they'll be back with those annoying "mya-mya" cries. That... has to be it." Everyone nodded in agreement. The wind blew on, getting more ferocious. Maybe a typhoon really was coming.

"By the way, Jessica-chan," George spoke, turning towards her, "How is Grandfathers condition?"

Seemingly unconcerned, Jessica yawned, her hands behind her head. Her ponytail bobbed up and down as she answered. "You know him, as lively as ever. Despite being told that he only has three months left to live since last year."

Underneath his glasses, George's eyes were rather tired and slightly sad. "... Grandfather's willpower is very strong. But I'm not sure his body can keep up with it... He probably needs constant care..."

We're of course, talking about our grandpa, the head of the ushiromiya family. He used  his extraordinary talent and luck to revive the noble Ushiromiya family when it was destructed in the kantou earthquake. He bought all of Rokkenjima and made it his home.

"Ha!" Jessica yelled. "Take care of grandfather? There's no way we can take care of him. He always shuts himself up in his study. He's always irritated, and never converses with his relatives. He's in a condition where he won't open his heart up to anyone except a few of his servants. Also, I wonder if he can't do something about that suspicious  hobby of his. Like, that system with the lingering door... I wish he'd give us a break."

""Hobby..." Battler pulled a face. "You mean..."

That's right. Our grandpa has a rather strange hobby.Just when did he become so addicted to it...? He covers his studies with suspicious books and tools. And shuts himself up in there. Some say he's indulging in black magic. Nobody wants to get involved with him because it's so creepy. There are probably some relatives that want him to quietly drop off. But then there would be a problem with the inheritance.

At last, after all that walking, the mansion came into view. It was large and grand, the flowers and roses complementing it's splender. It was almost like a chapel, and Battler, not seeing this building in almost 6 years, was in awe.

"It's as splendid as ever, isn't it? The family's prided rose garden."

The full Ushiromiya (well almost full) stood behind Battler. The rose garden was amazing, each flower in bloom, and the gaps between the patches of green like a maze.

"No matter how many times I look at it, the rose garden is truly amazing. It clears away the fatigue from the trip too...!" George exclaimed, smiling at the view.

"Oh yeah! I remember this garden! It's only became more breathtaking since six years ago." Battler announced, his awed face becoming even more amusing as they went on towards the mansion.

George and Maria weaved the plants.  "See, Maria-chan? The roses are splendid!" Maria giggled, seeing the pretty colours from her youthful eyes. "uu- the roses are splendid!" 

Battler smiled, sighing. "Such a refined smell. It fits the elegant me perfectly." The dramaticness of Battlers words were not missed by Maria, who laughed and muttered something to George. "It feels like all of my fatigue has been cured." The red-head Battler spoke to nobody inpaticular.

It's not like the events on the boat don't bother me... but it's not in my nature to overthink things. This has been a good mood changer.

Crouched down near a rose patch, Maria made a noise of sadness. "nn? What's wrong Maria?" Battler yelled over.

"This one rose is... weird. uu-!!" 

George knelt down near her, and spoke sympatheticaly. The rose was dying and unhealthy, the only one in the garden in this condition. "... you're right. This is the only rose that's unhealthy. You feel sorry for it?"

Maria nodded. "uu-!!"

"Well... if that's the case..." With a gentle caress, George lifted the flower, tiying a ribbon around it. "Heh, it's gotten cuter." Battler spoke.

"Until we leave, you can take care of this rose. It's easy to find because we put something on it, right?" George gave a smug smile as he spoke, and Maria was happy once more. "uu-!!" She cheered.

"While we're at it, how about you give the rose a name?" Battler grinned at George's suggestion, peering at Maria's rose.

"That's right.... how about "maid in heaven"?"

"My.. rose. Maria's...!!" 

Battler walked away, laughing. "She's so absorbed in it she can't hear me."

But while the two boys weren't looking, Maria's eyes had grew dark again, blacker than the brown of her hair. The picture of a mangled rose could be seen in her eyes. "MARIA'S... ROSE. UU-!!"

Jessica suddenly shouted, spotting a small and dark haired boy near the plants gardening. "Oh-!! It's Kanon-kun!! Heeeey!" Battler didnt recognise the boy, or the name Jessica shouted, but ran forward to greet him anyway.

Kanon said nothing, a miserable servant as always.  But he was surprised, and the bags of compost fell to the floor with a thud. Jessica and Battler ran forward to help. "hey, are you okay?" Battler asked. Jessica looked down. "So sorry. It's cause I suddenly called at him!" Jssica explained quietly. Kanon continued trying to work. Battler picked up the heavy bags, helping Kanon against his will.

"Are you okay? I'll help!" 

"Ah! There's no need, I'll take care of it..."

Battler turned back and winked, his face happy as he lifted the bags as if they weighed nothing at all. "Don't worry about it! Even though I don't look like it, I've trained differently! This is where I shine!" The bags were rather heavy. "This is a heavy load for those skinny arms of yours." He commented. "Done." Battler rubbed his hands in triumph when he had finished the load of compost.

"Battler... this is Kanon-kun, a servant here." Quickly, Jessica introduced them. "He's been working here for almost three years."

So that's why Battler hadn't known who it was! "I see! I'm Battler! Nice to meet you!"

Kanon bowed, taking off is hat. The black locks of his hair fell around his face, and his eyes were nothing but formal and dark. "... Pleased to make your acquaintance... I'm the servant, Kanon..." 

"Hey now, we seem close in age. You don't have to be so polite."

"... Your feeling's are enough, Master Battler. We are... just... furniture..."

A sigh echoed throughout the rose garden. "A bit on the anti social side isn't he...?" Battler muttered. Jessica leaned forward. "...Ah! Don't get the wrong idea, Battler. Kanon-kun is just a bit shy, and it's kinda hard for him to communicate with others. He's actually a good person at heart...!" 

Kanon was still standing there. "well... I still have work to do, so.." He bowed once more and went to leave. Battler heard his father, Rudolf, shout.

"He~y, Battler!" Rudolfs voice carried throught the garden, loud. He was standing around the other relatives.


"Us parents need to go to the main house for "greetings". So... here..." A bunch of bags were thrown at the unexpected Battler, who exclaimed. The parents watched him.  "And while your at it, why don't you carry your stuff to the guest house as well? We're counting on you oh great battler-kun!!"

"DAMN YOU OLD MAAAAN...!" Battler shouted, sweating as he tried to lift the bags. Laughing, George and Maria helped him.

"I'll help too, Battler-kun. Let's all go to the guest house together." Maria, happy, punched the air. "uu-!! Maria will help too!" 

And off the four kids trotted, carrying bags rather humorously down the road. Kanon stood by himself, watching them. "..."


"Heh, guest house, huh... So, this whole thing was built during my six year absence,,, Time sure flies!" Battler leaned back, relaxed. Maria watched Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni on the TV. "uu-!! Magical bern-chan!" she announced to herself.

Jessica stood up near the television. "Well, lots of things can change in six years."

"Yeah, Jessica has breasts now." Battler observed. "Maria's grown up too. George has become an adult as well... Adult, huh..." Curious, he continued to speak. "George, what do you plan to do about marriage."

Flushing, George's eyes widened. His cheeks went bright red "!?"

Battler smirked, raising one eyebrow. "You're an adult now. You don't have one or two people your thinking about marrying?"

"C-Come on, why would I have two people? Ha,Haha!" George stuttered.

Battler stood up and pointed at him, while Jessica sniggered. "Hm? So there is one person? You're hiding her, aren't you?"

"Not at all! This is a misunderstanding, Battler-kun"

The door opened, and there was a sweet voice chiming throught the room. "Excuse me.. Food has been prepared..." Both Battler and George's eyes widened. The girl in the doorway was female, and her hair was short and dark, pretty around her shoulders. Her cheeks were red, and her eyes innocent. 

"It's Shannon-!" Jessica exclaimed happily. "Come in!" 

And once again, a servant entered the room. Only this time she was pretty and sweet, her hair in a short black mop that danced around her shoulders. Her name was Shannon, and it was explained that she was Kanon's brother, and was "just furniture". At first she was shy. Battler tried to fondle her breasts (typical, I know), and Shannon didn't slap him, meaning Jessica had to thump the pervert on the head. Battler gave Shannon a lecture, and George made Shannon promise to slap Battler the next time he did something like that. Then, they were all led through the mansion for food.


As Shannon, George, Battler, Maria and Jessica walked, they realised how eery the corridor was. Shannon pointed forward, encouraging them to go through. A clock ticked in the corridor, making it even more creepy.

"Your parents are waiting in the dining hall. Right this way!" Shannon spoke sweetly. Jessica leaned back to talk to Battler.

"You can look forward to todays meal! There's a chef that once worked at a fancy hotel!" Battler grinned while she spoke.

"Houho-u!! I'll definitely look forward to that!" He yelled happily, and ran to Maria "Let's go, Maria! We're going to eat like dogs!" Maria giggled.

"uu-!! Eat like dogs!" She jeered cheerfully.

Suddenly, Battler froze, staring up at a painting. It was large, extremely large. A woman was painted. She was beautiful, her hair span into a bum at the top of her forehead. She sat, smirking slightly.

"Who... is that?"

Maria's eyes held a distant look as she replied. "uu- Beatrice."


Jessica's eyes narrowed. "Aah... this painting wasn't here the last time you came. Its been about a year, I think, since this was painted."

"uu-! Beatrice!" Maria exclaimed happily.

"The portrait of Madame Beatrice, The Witch Of Rokkenjima."

"Battler-kun, have you never heard about it before?" George asked. Battlers eyes were wide. "Rokkenjima's witch legend..."

The shiver that ran up my spine... this was the first meeting... between me and the witch...


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